Leo Ford – Sell the Shovels to the Goldminers

Leo Ford – Sell the Shovels to the Goldminers

Mr. Leo Ford’s attitude in the current Cannabis and CBD/Hemp Oil sector is simple: “Don’t mine the gold and hope to make a fortune; instead sell the shovels to all the miners”!

Mr. Ford has accepted another Directorship at a Publicly Traded Company that offers natural/organic calcium-silicate growth minerals and other micro-nutrients to prevent powdery mildew and eliminate ground-borne pests whilst at the same time providing nutrient flow to the plants as well as reconditioning the soil Ph levels as to allow continued planting.

Leo Ford - natural-organic-calcium-silicate-growth-minerals

This mineral supplement may be used for other agricultural applications and is from the one mine in the world with the purest lab certified product in the world.

Leo Ford - mineral-supplement-mining